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Our company was started in April of 2018 as a full-service training and boarding facility to meet all your dog’s training needs. Today, we provide quality k9 training for family pets, law enforcement and military working dogs. We take pride in our training programs and the methods we use. Our trainers have a wide array of training methods at their disposal to make sure that every dog has their training custom catered to their specific needs. 


We offer basic and advanced obedience programs for pet and family dogs, as well as behavior modification training for dogs with specific issues like reactiveness or aggressive tendencies. Our trainers are also experienced with military and law enforcement k9 training. Our working dog training covers odor detection, tracking for human beings and protection training.

BlackPaw K-9 Solutions Trainers Matt & Zack - dog boarding & professional dog training in Professional Dog Training for Family Dogs & Working Military K-9's by BlackPaw K-9 Solutions in Valdosta Georgia

Meet Your Trainers

Our trainers met in the Marine Corps in 2009 and began their friendship, and now can work together with you and your dogs. Both trainers have attended courses with American K9 Interdiction where they learned a variety of training methods from several trainers to better their overall knowledge of dogs and training styles.

BlackPaw K-9 Solutions Trainers Matt - dog boarding & professional dog training in Valdosta Georgia

Matt Williams


My experience with K9 training started in 2010 in the Marine Corps when I had the privilege to become and explosive detection k9 handler. I have always had a love for dogs, when the Marine Corps asked for volunteers, I didn’t hesitate. I learned many things when I started, it made my love for dogs grow more. It was an incredible experience that drove me to start this business and continue my passion for working with dogs. While growing this business I continue to learn, every dog and every behavior is a new opportunity to learn. Every dog learns a different way and it has been and continues to be a pleasure to help the dogs on their training path.

BlackPaw K-9 Solutions Trainers Zack - dog boarding & professional dog training in Valdosta Georgia

Zack Haglund

Lead Trainer

I’ve always had a passion for dogs and I was able to enjoy and act on that passion when I started working with the BlackPaw family. I was given the opportunity to attend AK9I to further my knowledge in the dog world and I’ve hit the ground running ever since. I love working with dogs because you’ve got to figure out their personality, every dog is different and I love figuring out what training style best suites them, in my opinion the harder they are to train the more you learn on the way. I believe the dog world is an ever-evolving industry and as a trainer you should never stop evolving.