Group Training Programs

We offer group training programs just like our private sessions.


With our group training its 2 trainers and anywhere from 5 to 10 dogs and their owners. This gives us the ability to work with multiple dogs at a time to begin work on exposure and distraction training with all the dogs. Each group is catered to the dog’s skill level, we offer classes for puppies of similar ages and skill levels, basic classes for dogs just getting into training, and advanced classes for dogs with skills already established and looking to push them further.

We custom cater all of our training and programs to best meet your needs and ensure your training goals are met.


Our company motto is training never stops. Just like people, not every dog knows everything, and they’re never ‘finished’ with training. There is always something new to learn or a skill set to be maintained. Always continue learning and training with your dogs to make them, your bond and yourself better at everything you do.


Assessments and Meet & Greets: Free of Charge

Private lessons: $60.00 Per Session

2 Week Board & Train: $1,000.00

3 Week Board & Train: $1,500.00

4 Week Board & Train: $2,000.00

Group Training Classes: $45.00 Per Session

We also offer military, law enforcement and first responder discounts.