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BlackPaw K-9 Solutions

We offer professional K9 training from family pets to law enforcement and military working dogs. Our trainers use a variety of methods to teach basic obedience and more advanced training like odor detection, tracking and protection training. 


Controlling temperament and teaching commands

Group Class

Providing training as well as socialization opportunities

Dog Boarding

Allowing for any busy lifestyle or difficult dogs

Specialty Training

Teaching specialized training for alertness, protecting, etc.

Private Lessons

Customizing individualized sessions with detailed reports

Police Services

Preparing K-9 courses for law enforcement dog handlers

Private Lessons

Group Classes

Trusted by K-9 Owners

Meet the BlackPaw Trainers

Matt Williams, founder of BlackPaw K-9 Solutions, and Zack Haglund, Lead Trainer, met in the Marine Corps in 2009 and began their friendship, and now can work together with you and your dogs. Both trainers have attended courses with American K9 Interdiction where they learned a variety of training methods from several trainers to better their overall knowledge of dogs and training styles. 

Matt and Zack are experienced with military and law enforcement K-9 training. Our working dog training covers odor detection, tracking for human beings and protection training.


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